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Life and love after cancer

A collection of stories of survivorship and hope


Five years after VCU Massey Cancer Center helped her defeat cancer, Iva Petrosino is embracing a second chance at life. She found love with Joe and married him, and they are now discovering just how sweet life can be with their new daughter Lucianna. If you are a cancer survivor—and that includes every cancer patient from the moment of diagnosis—we want to know how you are loving life after cancer? Please share your story with us.


I was diagnosed with Leukemia in August of 2009. It was definitely a life changing event. MCV/VCU staff did an awesome job with helping in my treatment and recovery. To see so many people affected by this disease has touched my heart to help through my gift of music. I have created a Music Therapy CD for cancer patients where the songs relate to different challenges that cancer patients endure. A healthy mind is part of the healing process, so I want to encourage and help uplift their spirits so that they can get through this storm
. Music helped me in my healing process along with great care, family, friends, and the will to live.

-Julius C. Turner